Powerful and well prepared drummer, born in Italy, Eugenio has always made versatility and adaptability his trademark, thanks to his proficiency in playing in different genres with great feel and involvement, and the desire to explore various musical languages incorporating all of these influences into his own style.

He has studied at the Modern Music Academy in Milan and then at the Drummers Collective in New York, where he has lived for two years, deepening the understanding of world class musicians and putting together a musical knowledge that enriched him and brought him to an intense personal and artistic growth.

He has played in extremely different musical settings, from jazz ensembles to funk, pop and rock bands, to progressive rock bands. He has also experience in a wide range of different contexts, spacing from the tour to the recording studio to the TV show. He has played in more than 50 records.
He endorses Tama drums and Zildjian cymbals.

He is also the creator and developer of the 'Confident Drummer Project'.

All of this with one and only common denominator, love for the art of drumming in every form, nuance, and color you can think of.

Download the resume in English - Pdf File ( 40 KB )

Download the resume in Italian - Pdf File ( 41 KB )

Eugenio Ventimiglia
Via Torino 58
22079 Villa Guardia (CO) ITALY
Mobile: +39 347 2755013

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