Drum Transcription


Get the drum transcription of your favorite songs in 48 hours!
This service is for all drummers who are looking for a professional transcription, accurate and easy to read, of any impossible to find drum part or song. The transcriptions are written with professional software in music notation - no tabs...
The transcriptions will be note for note in case of pop/rock/funk songs, while in case of jazz/fusion pieces you will get the drum chart with the song form, the figures to be played and the main grooves and fills.

The cost is 30 Dollars for one song.

You will get a PDF printable file in your mailbox.
Before making a payment please send an email with the title, band, and specific version of the song you want to get transcribed (youtube links are good also). You will get a sample file to see the quality of what you are going to receive.


If you already got a confirmation email you can click below to pay securely with Paypal.

$ 30  - One Transcription -

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