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Passion and Commitment.

   Eugenio Ventimiglia is an Italian freelance drummer and educator. Throughout his career he has performed in a multitude of musical contexts, playing 1000 concerts, participating in 100 records and teaching hundreds of students.

   Moved by a strong passion for music, which drives him to keep evolving, the objectives of his research are freedom to express himself, intensity of the emotions communicated, and the exploration of new territories.

   His vibrant style comes from the desire to discover various languages ​​and sounds, and the desire to always play for the music, including the various influences with no boundaries to creativity.

   He has studied at Modern Music Academy in Milan and then at the Drummers Collective in New York, where he has lived for two years, expanding his understanding of world class musicians and gathering a musical knowledge which promoted a deep personal and artistic growth.

   Then he completed his studies at CambioMusica in Brescia.

   He has played in extremely different musical settings, from jazz ensembles to funk, pop and rock bands, to progressive rock bands. He has also experience in a wide range of contexts, that go from the tour to the recording studio to the TV show.

   Eugenio endorses Tama drums and Zildjian cymbals.

   He is also the creator and developer of the ‘Confident Drummer Project‘.

   All of this with one common denominator: true love for the art of drumming in every form, nuance, and color you can think of.

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