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Private Drum Lessons.

   Eugenio teaches drums privately in Como, Italy.

   He accepts drummers of all ages and level, and has many years of experience tailoring the program to the student’s inclinations.

   In his private studio he offers an intensive program, for students who intend to take music very seriously and are willing to deepen such aspects of playing the drums as developing your own sound, style, time, accuracy, groove, recording, chart reading.

   Thought for who has time, energies and passion to invest in an intense, motivated and effective practice routine.


   The studio where the lessons are held is equipped with pro level Tama and Zildjian instruments, two drum sets, miked drums, computer and camera.


   Eugenio owns more than 100 drum books, which he studied and now utilizes for his teaching. From the timeless classics to the most recent releases. He also uses exclusive educational resources from his Confident Drummer methods.


   For more information write to


   To the pro drummers that want to expand their knowledge and skills in the recording studio, Eugenio offers a Studio Session in depth program, which is a one on one version of his ‘In-Session’ drum clinic.

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