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Online Remote Custom Drum Tracks – For Songwriters, Bands or Producers.

   Get a real drummer in your music. We all love Superior Drummer, Addictive Drums, Groove Agent or EZ drummer, but we also know that there’s nothing like the sound, feel, power and magic of a real drum take played by a good and creative drummer. A solid, artistic, beautifully sounding drum part is essential to the success of any song.

    The problem is that recording drums is a very time consuming and intricate process, and that’s why many musicians give up and look for a cheap and easy answer in virtual drummers.

   The Online Sessions are a great alternative and a solution to get you great quality drum tracks, quickly, and at an affordable price, with no hassle.

How it works:

You can contact me via email, or on Zoom/Skype, to discuss your project and what your needs are.
– You send your files, via WeTransfer, GoogleDrive, DropBox etc
– You get an Mp3 rough mix of your track with drums mixed in, for you to approve it or to ask for any changes.
– Once you are satisfied you proceed with the payment and you get your final session files.
– It takes an average of 48 hours for the whole process to complete.

To prioritize quality over quantity, I only focus on one project every week.
Music is art and I prefer to work like a craftsman, instead of producing mechanically.
Reach out to tell me about your creations and schedule a slot for the upcoming weeks.

What’s needed:

A pre-production. The better the quality, the better the final results. In order to perform at his best, I need tracks (or at least a guide track) played to a click. The sound quality is not that important. Accuracy matters, in order to make it all groove together and receive the best feeling drum tracks. However, if your tracks are still a draft, I can use them just as a reference and can perform the song to a click, so that you can add your final tracks later.
– An idea of what you want. You can send references, indications, descriptions. The more details the better, in terms of style, arrangement and sound. It’s important to communicate before the process begins so that there’s a clear vision of what the final tracks should sound like.
– You can provide scratch drum tracks or programmed drums (or even drum charts), especially if you have in mind specific patterns you wish to be played. Or you can ask me to create drum parts for you, based on your indications.

The Set-Up:

The drums are recorded on 16 channels:
– Hi-Hat
– Ride
– 2 Snare Top
– Snare Bottom (phase flipped)
– Bass Drum In
– Bass Drum Out
– Tom 1
– Tom 2
– Floor Tom
– Floor Tom Bottom (phase flipped)
– 2 Overheads
– 2 Room Mics
– 1 Front-Room Mic
+ 2 Channels for electronic drums (hybrid drum kit, when required).

You can check out the gear used in the Rec Studio and Gear pages of this website

What you get:

3 takes of your song and one composite take. The tracks will be unprocessed and unmixed.
– High quality Audio Files in your preferred format: AIFF or WAV, or a Pro Tools Session.
– Individual files of each track, clearly labeled, numbered and organized in folders, ready for you to mix. This way you can import the tracks anywhere you like and also choose to use all of them or only the ones you want.
– Up to 2 Revisions (flexible). Revisions are included as a necessary part of the creative process. Although with 3 takes your needs should be covered, if you feel you’d like anything to be tweaked a bit, you can ask for it and get it exactly as you like it.
BONUS: Processed and mixed stems of the composite take (6 stems: Snare, HiHat-Ride, BassDrum, OverHeads, Room and Toms), created by me, that you can use anyway you like.
Click here to download a demo session and see exactly what you get:
Sample Drum Session.


– WAVV or AIFF files of your pre-production. Each track has to be consolidated (starting at measure 1, beat 1).
– You can also send a Pro Tools Session if you use this software.
– If you have many tracks it is suggested that you group them in a few stem files.
– The exact tempo of the song.
– Labeled tracks.
– The bit depth and sample rate of your sessions, if different from 24 bit and 44.100 Khz.


One Song3 Takes2 Revisions – Unprocessed and unmixed drum tracks + 1 Mixed Composite Take – 200 Euros

– You can pay with Paypal (or credit card) using Paypal buttons or invoices sent via email. And you will pay when you are happy of the result. As soon as payment is made you will receive a link to download your high-quality drum tracks (zipped archive via WeTransfer).
– Multiple songs, additional revisions, fast delivery, songs that last longer than 5 minutes, and any particular request can be discussed and planned for a custom rate based on your specific needs.

For more information or if you have any question:

– Write an email to
– Schedule a Zoom or Skype call to: eugenioventimiglia (Skype Name)


Click here to listen to some of my recordings.

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